Jennifer Cline Watercolour


May she paint happily in heaven!
Len Hughes - 2 Sep 2016
So extremely sad to hear of the passing of Jennifer recently. Such a beautiful person & amazing artist. She will be truly missed by everyone, especially all of us fellow Beachers. RIP sweet Jennifer. You were much loved & will truly be missed. xoxoxoxo
Claudette Lodu - 24 Aug 2016
I like your paintingsā€¦ They are soft and friendly in colour and mood. I also very much like your website design. Could you share with me any information about how I could set one up, something like yours? Thanks Jennifer. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Elizabeth Bacon - 20 Dec 2015
Hi Jennifer! Just thought of you, and you are not on Facebook, so I Found you here! Hope to hook up for tea with you and Maureen soon. Take care. God bless.
Karen horton - 15 Jun 2015
I've been in the 2nd furniture & up-cycling trade for 3 years now & have recently been lucky enough to come across a collection of 'Jenny Cards'5 small pictures beautifully hand finished & signed well mounted in 1 frame. Out of the 1000's of pictures & what not that I've dealt with, I've only ever brought this & a large Salvador Dali print home. I'm So glad that somehow they have made their way to the very heart of England, as I think they are great! And the love of your style has lead me here & craving more of your wonderful work.. Yours, Adam
Adam James - 10 Mar 2015

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